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How To Build Your WordPress Website

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WordPress Basics Lesson 1

  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Nameservers

WordPress Basics Lesson 2

  • WordPress Auto-Install
  • WordPress Manual Install
  • WordPress Manual and Auto Updates

WordPress Basics Lesson 3

  • Creating New Pages
  • Creating New Posts
  • Creating a Static Page
  • Creating Your Contact Page

Every Business Needs a Website


Every Business Needs an Identity!

If you want your Business to make it online you have to have a Website. These days your website may just be the only thing your customer ever sees? Your website is the most essential element in marketing your business. Online, your website is you! When someone comes to your site and starts checking it out, what they are really seeing is you!

When your website is built correctly it’s really just an extension of you. It might not seem that important,  but first impressions are lasting. When someone searches online with Google,  and they find your company name what’s the first thing their going to see? That’s exactly right, your website is the very first contact they will have with you. Do you pay any attention at all to a website when you go to it?

I can answer that for you, of course you do! If you go to someones website and it looks bad, and the navigational components don’t work, or maybe they don’t have any navigation at all? I have seen some pretty bad websites, and one things for sure. If it looks bad I’m leaving! That’s right. It’s just like going to a restaurant to eat. If you walk in and find a dirty floor and the chef is standing there with a sweaty shirt on and he’s wiping his hands on his pants what are you going to order for dinner? I can answer that. I’m going to order a different restaurant that’s what!

All I’m trying to tell you is simply this. If you want to do business online, or if you just want more customers for your offline business, then get a beautiful website. It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Find the right person to build you a site for a good price or build one yourself its not really that difficult. The bottom line is that you need a good website design by a good web design company.

For assistance with getting your website built just send me an email, or give me a call. Either way I will get back to you quickly, and depending on what your looking for you may just be surprised on how affordable it can be! My name and contact information are on the contact page right here.

One last thing. The results page you see when you search on Google for your business will be greatly determined by you. What you see on that results page when done correctly is called the “meta description”.

When the right plugins are used for your website; and the information is filled in properly you will see what you would like for your businesses search listing instead of what the search engines simply happen to find for it. If they find anything at all? That of course will be your decision! Before you attempt creating an elaborate search listing for your site you should know that you can only use up to 160 characters, and that includes spaces as well.